Thanks for stopping by.

I've been thinking about this post and mulling over what message I am sending though my site.

Nothing too deep here -- I'm just feeling like the site doesn't match my vibe anymore and I'm making changes. Check back soon.

❤️ - Ben (11/18/23)

Edit 1, 11/27/23: I wiped everything and I'm starting fresh. Looking at a 70s-poster sort of vibe. I just set up a new CMS and I'm looking into some (privacy mindful) and open-source analytics tools. I tried Plausible last time but I wanna use something new.

Edit 2, 12/10/23: I chose goatcounter for my open-source and privacy centric analytics tool. Hello to the 13 people that have viewed this page so far :)
I have also been looking into some inspiration for the look and feel of the new site. I put together a tentative draft of the homepage, and I am brainstorming some ideas to make the hero pop a bit. Here's where I'm at so far:
Screenshot of partially completed website